NOTICE:   Fr. John, our 6th pastor, went to his eternal reward on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.  In  lieu of flowers, Fr. John requested donations to one's parish; St. Alexander Parish has set up a Memorial Fund:
"In Memory of Fr. John Barrett" 
for those who wish to honor him in this way.  Read his obituary here.

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 From Deacon Clive,
We have many gifts and blessings in our lives that help us to be like precious gems to our world. Cheerfulness, being charitable, caring, leadership, wisdom etc, are all personalized gifts that help us not only to shine forth in our lives but also to radiate that light into the world. These set of pearls that adorn us must be polished regularly otherwise they may dim from the dust and rust that surrounds us. The best way to polish them is through constantly keeping in touch with the source of light itself, God. Prayer is that polish.  It is difficult to maintain the life of our body without food. Food is like fuel that ignites our body and propels us to work. It sustains our lives. Likewise, you cannot maintain the life of your soul without prayer. Prayer is one of the principle means whereby we obtain the divine help to enter into the mystical reality of God. It is the place where we find ourselves alone with the Alone. Most of us are aware that prayer is not an easy task. In fact, we think of prayer as an additional task that must be inserted into our daily chores. Therefore, we need grace to help us with our daily prayer. We cannot do even the smallest supernatural act without the grace of God. Grace enables us to make that first motion toward heaven. It cannot be bought, earned or demanded but it is bestowed upon us as a gift from God. 
     Even though God bestows on us the gift of grace depending on the needs of each individual, we can obtain additional grace through three main ways: through Holy Mass, the Sacraments and prayer. Gaining grace thus depends largely on how we seek it and ask for it. If you stop praying, you may give up on your spiritual life and ultimately give up on the Mass and the Sacraments. You will lose the life of grace. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” (Mathew 5:8). God’s grace purifies our heart so that we become Godlike. If we lose the life of grace that prayer infuses in us, then we may never see our God. So as we continue enjoying the warmth of summer, let us continue polishing our pearls and illuminating our beautiful world. 

Fr. Mark's Recommended Readings
 Pope Francis' Exhortation: Joy of the Gospel  English .pdf   Spanish .pdf
 2013 'State of the Parish' ,  2013 Stewardship Campaign Summary
"Made for More", book on which Fr. Burke's Mission was based, available in the parish
         Gathering Space

2014 Holy Week slide shows: Holy ThursdayEaster Vigil                                                 and 2014 Easter Season
and one on our 2014 May Crowning



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