NOTICE:   Fr. John, our 6th pastor, went to his eternal reward on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.  In  lieu of flowers, Fr. John requested donations to one's parish; St. Alexander Parish has set up a Memorial Fund:
"In Memory of Fr. John Barrett" 
for those who wish to honor him in this way.  Read his obituary here.

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 From Deacon John,    
     During the last two weeks, Jesus has been speaking to the crowds in parables.  He must have been an eloquent speaker and was comfortable in public.  He enjoys people and uses stories to illuminate His teachings about the kingdom of God.  He speaks to the crowds only in parables and in private He tells His disciples the meaning of the parables.  It turns out that we are His disciples and we get to learn the meaning of the parables. 
     Today’s Gospel is about the wheat and the weeds; that God sows good seeds and that the evil one sows the weeds.  The evil one comes at night when no one can see him and he sows his seed in God’s field because he doesn’t have a field of his own.  To be part of the kingdom of God is to grow in faith and purpose of life like the mustard seed.  The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it is grown, the largest of all plants.  It is so large the birds come and make nests in its branches.  So must we grow in our faith and purpose of life.  In the end, the angels will come to take us to the kingdom of God and the sinners to everlasting fire.

...and from Fr. Mark:
     Your parish needs your help.  In dialogue with our Finance Council, as well as our Parish Council, our shared wisdom this year is to do a 53rd Sunday collection to offset some unforeseen costs from a rather harsh winter.  This year, for the months of January, February and March, the Parish more than doubled the cost of heating; and we paid more than we expected for extra snow removal.  I’m asking you to prayerfully consider giving something extra to help our parish offset some of those costs.  The suggested donation is what you might normally give as a regular Sunday offering.  You will find an envelope in the bulletin today that you can use; and you can put it in our regular collection at any mass over the next month.  I certainly understand if you cannot help us financially at this time, as I know we all took a heavy hit this winter.  I thank all of you in advance for any help that you give.  One thing I ask everyone to join me in doing is to pray hard that God might spare us from another brutal winter this coming season; to give all of us a chance to recover a little from those expenses that we experienced last winter.
                                              St. Alexander… pray for us
                                                God Bless,      Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark's Recommended Readings
 Pope Francis' Exhortation: Joy of the Gospel  English .pdf   Spanish .pdf
 2013 'State of the Parish' ,  2013 Stewardship Campaign Summary
"Made for More", book on which Fr. Burke's Mission was based, available in the parish
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