Lenten Parish Mission As promised, Fr. Burke Masters has sent us Power Point programs for the three nights of the recent mission he gave at St. Alexander's.  To view them, click as below:
Day 1: Who is Jesus; Day 2: Who am I; Day 3: Why Be Catholic

Good Friday,     April 18  Good Friday Walk, 10:30a
                                        begins at St. Alexander Parish
                                       Commemoration of the Lord's Passion, 7p
                                                                                    in Spanish, 8:15p
Holy Saturday,   April 19  Blessing of Food Baskets, 11:30a
                                       EASTER VIGIL, 8p
7:30a, 9:00a, 11a; Spanish: 6p

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    This weekend, we celebrate Palm Sunday. As we prepare to go into Holy Week, with all the sacred liturgies leading up to Easter, let us all be mindful of God’s call to each of us to draw closer to Him during this time. Even though Lent is close to ending, it is never too late to recommit ourselves to the Lord, following His ways more closely and to live out the commandments to love God and love our neighbor. During this time, we are also mindful of the many people of God who, for whatever reason, struggle to make this movement of the heart in order to develop a relationship with Him.
     Christ calls each of us to the efforts of evangelization in the world by stepping out of our own comfort zones into the margins of the world where there are so very many people who hunger for God but have grown tired or frustrated with religion. One of the keys to evangelization is that we are not calling people to a religion. Religion helps us to guide our relationship with God by involving us in the sacramental life that Christ gifts to us, as well as to provide us with an experience of Christian community. At the very heart, though, it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship that is given a greater context through our practice as Catholics. So both are important, but the relationship with God is primary and should always be the very goal of religion.     
     So here we are, on the frontier of a new evangelization, in a time when people are more likely to ask deep probing questions of faith but less likely to engage in formal organized religion. The hunger for a relationship with God is still there, it’s still fresh, but in our technological culture, it looks very different. It’s our task together as missionaries of the New Evangelization, to first and foremost, strengthen our own relationship with Jesus, to be willing to engage those questions that others have, and to seek the lost and the brokenhearted, out of Christian love. By demonstrating how our faith is relevant in our own daily lives we each become witnesses to the Gospel and a crucial part of the new evangelization.

St. Alexander… pray for us

     God Bless,    Fr Mark (Twitter: @ FrMarkCMPunk)

Fr. Mark's Recommended Readings
 Pope Francis' Exhortation: Joy of the Gospel  English .pdf   Spanish .pdf
 Pope Francis' recent interview
 2013 'State of the Parish' ,  2013 Stewardship Campaign Summary
"Made for More", book on which Fr. Burke's Mission was based, available in the parish Gathering Space




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