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     In the Gospel this week as the Pharisees tried to entrap Jesus into saying something out of touch with their beliefs, Jesus gives a very pointed response on what to do about the census tax.  He simply tells them “repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”  This really got me to thinking about the variety of ways that we give back to God which we typically call stewardship.  When I was on retreat a couple weeks ago with the other priests from our diocese I was reflecting on the importance of the time that we set aside for God in our lives.  Time is actually one of the 3 pillars of stewardship and how we take care of what God gave to us.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget how valuable time is.  In my first job I always had to use a timecard and that timecard was a very visual way to see the value of time.  But how do we measure the value of time in terms of our relationship with God?  A very busy person once told me, “I don’t have time to pray; my life is so active so I make my work my prayer.”  While I appreciate the spirituality behind that sentiment, and we should always endeavor to invite God into every moment of our life, it also seems to be somewhat of an excuse for not devoting time specifically for God.

     Part of that commitment certainly is fulfilling those things which we are obliged to do by our faith such as attending Sunday Mass and other holy days of obligation.  But does our time spent with God truly bear fruit and flourish if we live minimally according to an obligation mindset.  I believe God wants to help each of us elevate that relationship to something that is mutual, life giving, and fruitful.  Our prayer time whether spent individually with God our in common prayer with other people is an opportunity to really grow in that relationship.  It’s an opportunity to see God not from the standpoint of an obligation to fulfill, but rather a great joy and something which helps to recharge and refresh us so we can engage in the business of life.  I certainly invite each of you to prayerfully consider how you spend time with God.  Ask Him to help you with that if it’s a struggle.  And trust that right now God truly wants to be a part of your life, that you are not forgotten or abandoned, that he truly cares about your life
                                   St Alexander... pray for us 

                                                         Fr Mark (Twitter: @FrMarkCMPunk )

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