St. Alexander Parish Youth, WE NEED YOU!

Participating as altar servers allows young people the satisfaction of functioning as part of the liturgical team. It is a concrete way of participating in their community of faith during the Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Having altar servers participate in the mass also helps lift up the whole community of faith. In addition to contributing their support to the liturgical celebration, altar servers develop certain qualities through their service. Applicants should be in 4th grade or older.

  • Responsibility – Altar Servers will learn the Mass and commit to a regular schedule of service.
  • Punctuality – Servers are required to arrive early to each Mass in order to determine their roles, prepare items and dress in their albs.
  • Attentiveness – Altar Servers learn the deeper meaning behind each step of the liturgy.
  • Poise – Servers must spring into action when mistakes are made. They know to step in when an item is misplaced and smooth out any rough edges during the Mass.
  • Maturity – Altar service contributes to a server’s maturity as they learn lessons and put their knowledge into practice.
Deacon Mark Ranieri

Deacon Mark Ranieri